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Color Stretch Film

  • Raw Material:100 % raw material PE
    Processing Type:Cast
    Width:Range from 200mm-500mm
    Thickness:Range from 15mic to 50mic
    Length:100m-2000m(no limited)
    Color:Red, black, milky, blue, yellow, green,etc.
    Core Size:2” 3”



  • Product Details

Product description
Color Stretch Film is your complete source. This kind of hand film is a premium quality film that is excellent for the industrial, office, moving, artistic, and home environments. Like our cast stretch film, moving companies and individuals find this product effective because it will disguise valuables and simplify unpacking, making your items color classified. Same for industrial warehouses, this unique film makes your stock control easily categorized.
Product features
--Labor enhancing-rolls are featherweight which adds to packaging efficiency
--Superior stretch elongation-ideal for packaging irregular shaped items
--Economically advantageous-lower priced
--Self-adhering & residue free when applied, Environmentally safe.
--Hand Film is available in Clear Stretch as well as Color Wrap Film
--Stretch Film is economical, tough, and durable.
--High Quality, Protects shipment from being spoiled.

Raw Material 100 % raw material PE
Processing Type Cast
Width Range from 200mm-500mm
Thickness Range from 15mic to 50mic
Length 100m-2000m(no limited)
Color Red, black, milky, blue, yellow, green,etc.
Core Size 2” 3”
Model Soft


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