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Color Stretch Film

  • Raw Material:100 % raw material PE
    Processing Type:Cast
    Width:Range from 200mm-500mm
    Thickness:Range from 15mic to 50mic
    Length:100m-2000m (no limited)
    Color:Red, black, milky, blue, yellow, green,etc.
    Core Size:2” 3”



  • Product Details

Color Stretch Film
Color Stretch Film is ideal for warehouse color coding, dating inventory, identifying international shipments, or providing tamperproof evidence. Colored stretch wrap can also keep you organized by preventing unwanted reloading and cross-docking. Our puncture resistant color stretch wrap is cast film. Because it is cast, color stretch film comes off the roll smoothly and quietly and still remains transparent for easy load identification. We offer seven different colors to choose from when ordering your color stretch wrap, such as black, green, red, milky, blue, yellow and white.
·Quick Load Identification
·Improved Organization
·Inventory Dating
·Quiet and Smooth Release
Raw Material 100 % raw material PE
Processing Type Cast
Width Range from 200mm-500mm
Thickness Range from 15mic to 50mic
Length 100m-2000m (no limited)
Color Red, black, milky, blue, yellow, green,etc.
Core Size 2” 3”
Model Soft

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