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The characteristics of Wire film

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As we all know, the wire film is the most common kind of wound film in life. Together, it is a special type of wrapping film. It is often used to surround wire and cable, and it can also surround small objects. Wire film is widely used in wire, cable, hose, steel pipe, various finishing drums, mechanical equipment, hardware accessories, furniture, and so on.
 Wire film

1. Crystallinity of the wire film:
The wire film is not only slippery outside, has high crystallinity, and has stable chemical functions. The adhesion of inks and adhesives on the outside of the film is unwilling.

2. Cleanliness outside the wire film:
 If the cleanliness of the air is low, it will impede the interaction between the ink and the adhesive and the outside of the film, affecting the moisture outside the plastic film. Therefore, the cleanliness of the outside of the film must be valued.

3. External tension:
The specific premise of use determines the good moisture and adhesion on the outside, and the outer tension of the wire film should reach the certain standard, and the external tension is the same as usual to reach 4.5 × 10-2N/m. As usual, the production of wire films must be handled externally to advance the outside tension and be used by customers in a variety of situations.

4, physical machine function:
Because the wire film is infected by machine forces during use, it is necessary to have a certain machine strength and flexibility. It is tensile strength, elongation at break, tear strength, impact strength, and the like.

5, moisture permeability:
The moisture permeability is the permeability of the wire film to water vapor under certain conditions. It represents the moisture resistance and oxygen permeability of the wire film to a certain extent, which is the same as above.
The characteristics of the above wire film are introduced here. The wire wrapping film is widely used in the field, and its small volume and high viscosity make it easy to use around the wire and package the sporadic goods to replace the small storage box.

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