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Hot bonding method of stretch wrap film

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The stretch wrap film is a plastic film product that is light and transparent and is in an open air environment. Therefore, it is easy to be damaged, and timely and reasonable repair of damaged stretch-wound film is beneficial to agricultural production. There are many repair methods for stretch wrapping film. Let us introduce a hot bonding method.

First prepare a flat smooth wooden strip as a backing plate, nail the fine iron window screen and fix it on the long bench. To prevent the plastic from being damaged during the bonding, use the plane to flatten the side sill of the wooden strip. The plane. Each of the two edges of the two films to be bonded is joined to the wooden strip and overlap each other by about 4-5 cm. It is operated by 3-4 people at the same time. Two people are responsible for "seam" on both sides of the wooden strip, and the third person puts a width of 8-10 cm and a length of 1.2-1.5 meters at the stretched stretch film of the good seam. Kraft paper or old newspaper strips, cover the end of the wooden strip with a preheated electric iron, and slowly push it to the other end with appropriate pressure. The heat of the electric iron used, the downward pressure, and the speed of advancement should be softened and adhered to a certain extent after the two films under the paper are heated, and then the strip is peeled off and will be glued. A length of film is pulled toward the other end of the strip, and the next section is repeatedly bonded and reciprocated until the film is attached to the desired length.

When bonding the film, it is necessary to master the temperature of the electric iron. The suitable temperature for bonding the polyethylene film is 100-110 ° C, and the polyvinyl chloride is 120-130 ° C. The temperature is low and the viscosity is not strong. High, easy to melt the film, holes or thin film at the seams.

The pressure used and the moving speed of the electric iron should be matched with the temperature. When the temperature is high, the pressure used is small, the moving speed is fast, the pressure is high when the temperature is low, and the moving speed is slowed down. When there is a grease stain on the paper strip, it means that the temperature is too high and the plastic has melted. At this time, the paper strip cannot be removed immediately. It should be cooled for a while. When the paper strip is not hot, it can be better. Guarantee the quality of bonding. When the old film is branded, the film of the joint should be wiped clean, and the newspaper should be lightly adhered to the film to adhere to a moderate standard, otherwise the seam will be easily cracked.

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