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Method of shortening stretch film

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The stretched film is stretched at the time of mechanical packaging of the tray, and the plastic film of the packaged article is wrapped, and the self-adhesive does not adhere to the surface of the packaged article, but only exists on the surface of the film and the film. It does not need to be heat-shrinked during the packaging process, which is conducive to saving energy, reducing packaging costs, facilitating assembly and transportation, and improving logistics efficiency.

The method of shortening the stretched film:

1. The general heat shortening machine is shortened, and the general heat shortening machine is shortened. It is suitable for high-speed continuous work to shorten the goods, and the efficiency of the air blower is higher than that of the air blower. The production technology of the stretch film makes the whole green industry better.

2, the hair dryer is shortened, can save the process of shortening the temperature of the machine, in the process of perfect matching of various packaging materials, in order to make the product to create a perfect packaging.

3, using stretched water to shorten the stretch film, steam heat shortening machine is this principle, with the principle of making stretch film can make the overall performance of the product play well.
In order to avoid uneven stress on the stretched film, it will cause damage to the article, which is actually a relatively common packaging method.

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