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Use of stretch film

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Pallet packaging
Packaging film tray, the tray width is sufficient to cover the regular shape requirements, it must be used for film thickness of 17 - 35μm

2. Hand packaging
This type of package, or attached to a stand, is the simplest of the packaging film packages that are rotated by the tray wrapped tray or film. It is used for normal tray packaging after the packaging tray is damaged. However, the packaging speed is slow and the appropriate film thickness is 15-20 μm.

3. Stretch film winding machine packaging
This is the most common, whether it is a wide packaging machine or a tray that rotates the film around the tray, it is a fixed film that is moved in a vertical frame. This packaging capacity is very large, and a suitable film thickness of about 15 to 18 sheets per hour is about 15 to 25 μm.

4. Horizontal mechanical packaging
Unlike other surrounding packaging material films, such as strips of sheet-like members suitable for packaging such as carpet fiber shapes

5. Paper tube packaging
This is one of the newest uses of stretch film and is superior to packaging film packaging for old cardboard packaging. A suitable film thickness is 30 to 120 μm.

6. Accessories packaging
This is the latest packaged stretch film, which can reduce the consumption of materials, and may not only reduce the storage space of the tray. The package was originally only a year later, and in 1984, many such packages were circulated in foreign markets. Packaging has great potential. Suitable for film thicknesses of 15~30μm.

7. Tube and cable packaging
Specific Fields of Stretch Films In this application, placed at the end of a production line, in one example of a packaging apparatus, the stretch film can be automated instead of a bundle of material to protect you from this role. A suitable thickness is 15 to 30 μm.


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