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The characteristics of the stretched film quality

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The characteristics of the stretched film quality are as follows:

1. Stretching: Stretching is the ability of the stretched film to produce elastic elongation after being pulled. If the quality is good, the length will be extended after stretching, and within a certain limit, it will not be broken. This is a feature of its own, with such tensile properties, in order to better package the goods.

2. Self-adhesive: Self-adhesive refers to the adhesion after contact between the wrapping films. This property enables the packaged articles to be fastened without loosening during and after the stretching and wrapping process. Self-adhesive is affected by many external factors, such as humidity, dust and pollutants, which is also an important indicator to detect its quality.

3. Toughness: Toughness refers to the comprehensive performance of the film against puncture and tear resistance. The hazard value of the degree of tear resistance must be transverse, ie perpendicular to the direction of operation of the machine, as tearing in this direction will loosen the package and the package will remain secure even if it is torn longitudinally. Therefore, the better the toughness of the stretched film, the better the quality.

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