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The difference between wrap film and cling film

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Stretch wrap film, also known as elastic film, can be used in the self-adhesive elastic stretch wrapping of the film itself, and the product is tightly wrapped by the viscoelasticity of the film surface and the tensile tension used. Achieve the purpose of protecting goods.

The cling film is one of the wrap film, but since it does not require as high a self-adhesive property as the wrap film, the polyisobutylene is used in a smaller amount, and the polyisobutylene is mainly used to increase the flexibility and self-adhesiveness of the product.

The difference between the wrap film and the cling film: the wrap film is used for wrapping things. (not to eat) supermarkets often use the wrapping film, such as playing a card board, then you have to use the wrapping film to wrap the whole package. This will not be scattered when the forklift is used to pull the goods. Otherwise, the goods will be dumped.

The cling film is used to wrap food, such as eating the remaining vegetables, and wrapping them on a plate. Put it in the refrigerator to keep it fresh, there are fruits, you can also use plastic wrap. Mainly refers to the food.

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