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The role of the properties of stretched film

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The most important role of stretch film is to prevent leakage of articles, to facilitate storage and handling, to extend the color life of the product, and to greatly increase the value of the product, so that the purpose of the stretch film manufacturer is to prevent the theft of built-in items. "In the process of convenient use and good elasticity, in today's rapid development of the market economy, any enterprise can not do without the stretch film, and the stretch film is not only suitable for the packaging of goods, but also meets the requirements of environmental protection. More and more companies have chosen it.
Stretched films are prepared according to the different densities of polyethylene and can be classified into three grades: high, medium and low. The stretch film is also easy to identify the package. The original carton package is opaque. The delivered goods are not clearly visible in the inside. Now the transparent stretch film package makes it easy to see the goods inside, thus reducing the delivery. error.
The role of the properties of stretched film
1. Barrier performance: According to the different requirements of product packaging,  stretch film should be able to resist moisture, water vapor, gas, light, fragrance, taste, heat and so on.
2. Certain mechanical properties: The stretched film should effectively protect the product to have a certain strength, toughness and elasticity to adapt to the effects of static and dynamic factors such as pressure, shock and vibration.
3. Good safety performance: The stretched film itself should have low toxicity, avoid contamination of the product and affect human health; the packaging material should be non-corrosive, with anti-insect, anti-mouse, antibacterial and other properties to protect the product. Safety.
Stretch film is used for the sale and transportation of various products, and its main function is to protect, cover and protect the product. The stretched film must have high permeability, good shrinkage and certain shrinkage stress. The film does not produce pores during shrinkage. Since stretched films are generally suitable for outdoor applications, UV linings are required.

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