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What are the properties of wire film

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Wire film is more common in our daily life. It is also an ideal packaging material. Now it has been widely used in many industries. The wire film has high transparency and can adhere well through its own adsorption. The surface of the product is very strong. So what are the properties of the wire film?

1. Unitization
The unitized wire film has super strong winding and retracting properties, which can only wrap and fix the goods into a single unit, so that the scattered small pieces of goods can be integrated into one piece, which is easy to carry and prevent looseness. Will not cause damage.

2, primary protection
Primary protection can provide a good surface protection for the goods, prevent dust from polluting the goods in the air, prevent oil and moisture, anti-theft and so on. The most important point is that the wire film can make the product evenly stressed, so that it will not cause damage to the product. This is also the traditional packaging method can't do it.

3, compression fixation
With the retractive force of the wire film, the goods are only wrapped around the product, so that the product forms a compact, non-occupying space. This saves a lot of space and can effectively prevent loss during transportation.

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