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The quality of stretched film

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Stretch wrapped film is now more and more popular in our daily life. The stretch-stretch film of good and bad is unobservable by the naked eye. The good stretch-wound film has good tensile properties and tear resistance.
Stretch wrap film as a disposable packaging product, choose the quality when choosing, so as to ensure the packaging effect and protect the cargo safety. Let's take a look at the five reasons that depend on the quality of the stretched film.
Stretch film
Reason one: the retractive stress of the stretched stretch film
Retraction stress, also known as force retention, refers to the degree of retention after the force applied to the stretch wrap film during the stretching of the product.
Reason 2: Toughness of stretched stretch film
Toughness refers to the comprehensive ability of the stretch-wound film to resist puncture and tear resistance. The tear resistance is only for the degree of tear resistance of the film after being subjected to tension and being puncture;
Reason three: self-adhesiveness of stretched stretch film
The stretch-wound film films are in contact with each other to produce adhesion, and the packaged product can be made firm and not loose during the process of stretching and winding the product. Self-adhesiveness is affected by many variables from the outside;
Reason 4: Stretching force of stretched stretch film
The tensile force refers to a tensile force that is converted into an elastic stretch after the stretched stretched film is subjected to a tensile force. The longitudinal stretching increases, and finally, the stretch film is thinned and the width is shortened. This special feature allows our stretch wrap film to better protect and package the product;
Reason five: stretch film strength
Stretch film strength includes both stretch rate and tensile force, and refers to the maximum stretch that can be applied under certain conditions of use to maintain various necessary characteristics. The tensile strength varies with different uses. The larger the stretch, the less the film is used and the lower the packaging cost.

stretch film

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