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The development PE stretch film market

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With the increase in customer demand and the increasing demand from manufacturers for production technology, the demand for PE stretch film in the market for packaging materials will be further expanded, and the competition for packaging materials will be further aggravated. It is mainly based on the following points.
The continuous improvement of the performance of PE stretch film has enabled more industries to give the task of packaging to it. Because of its high transparency and good tensile strength, it has been in great demand in the fields of tobacco and pharmaceuticals. As these industries continue to grow and develop, the demand for them will also increase.
PE stretch film has good shrinkage and has outstanding performance in the packaging of various wines, because the flexibility of the material is the best in its kind, and it has good impact resistance, so it can be used in cans. As well as the packaging of other wine bottles, and because of its strong tear resistance, it will also achieve excellent results when the above items are packaged as a whole.
The PE stretch film has a very good gloss, and the uniform heat shrinkage allows it to have a good effect when it is fast-packed. Therefore, the authoritative person is very optimistic about the future development of the material.

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