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What is Electrical Wire Film

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Electrical Wire Film is a more common packaging materials, its raw materials with ultra-thin, strong and tough, transparent, self-adhesive, low temperature resistance and other characteristics, is an ideal packaging materials.Especially suitable for packaging chemicals, electronic parts, building materials products, rubber, low brick, ceramic tile, screw, wallpaper, leather, glass fiber, non-woven fabric, paper rolls, wire, iron wire, etc.
Electrical Wire Film is widely used in a wide range of fields. Its small size and high viscosity make it convenient to use wire winding and replace small storage boxes for packaging of scattered products.Because it can reduce the transportation and packaging cost of bulk goods by more than 30%, it is widely used in the whole package of hardware, mineral, chemical, medicine, food, machinery and other products.

Now most of the products delivery is still using the car is more, because now the traffic is developed, in many cases, the car to transport speed is faster than other methods, but the car also has the disadvantages of must be, that is in the delivery of these products are easily damaged, so the product packaging becomes particularly important, and wire membrane as a new type of packaging product is especially popular now, because the price is affordable and also very convenient to use, so choose   Electrical wire film makers are still more.

Electrical Wire Film transparency is higher, whether what packaging products as long as transparent packaging will than other dark packaging products are increasingly popular, and its uniform thickness, there are surely stretchability, commonly used in medicine is probably more electronic products, and it also has must be dustproof function, in use process will become increasingly significant role.
Electrical Wire Film as now the most important packaging materials, its function is more stable, especially to some weather cold local, its function will not be affected by any, as product packaging, wire film stable function is to let it in the packaging category temporary stand firm the most main reason.Trust with this new type of packaging materials, in the product delivery temporary can reduce the damage rate of the product.

Electrical Wire Film

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