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What materials are stretched films made of

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With the continuous development of society, stretch film has been applied in more and more industries, and stretch film has made our life more colorful. So what is a stretch film? We all know that a stretch film is a translucent, shiny, soft film material. The stretch film has good chemical stability, heat sealability, water resistance and moisture resistance.
Since the stretch film has such a strong effect, what materials are the stretch film made of?
Stretched films are generally produced by both blow molding and casting processes. The thickness of the cast polyethylene stretched film is uniform, but it is rarely used because of its high price. The blown polyethylene stretch film is blown from the blow molding PE particles by a blow molding machine, and has a low cost, so the application is very wide.
The stretched film is a stretched film material which is made of polyethylene terephthalate as a raw material, is formed into a thick sheet by extrusion, and is biaxially stretched. It is a colorless, transparent and shiny stretch film with excellent mechanical properties, high rigidity, hardness and toughness, puncture resistance, friction resistance, high temperature resistance and low temperature. It has good chemical resistance, oil resistance, air tightness and aroma retention, and is one of the commonly used barrier composite stretch film substrates. However, the price of the polyester stretch film is relatively high, and the thickness is generally 12 μm. It is commonly used as the outer layer material of the retort package, and the printability is good.
Stretch film can be used not only in logistics packaging, food packaging, but now stretch film is widely used in more factories. It is believed that the road of stretch film will go further and further!

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