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Pre-Stretch Film with 3 Extra Strips

  • Raw Material:100 % raw material PE
    Processing Type:Cast
    Width:Range from 300mm-500mm
    Thickness:Range from 6mic to 12mic
    Length:100m to 1500m
    Core Size:2” 3”
    Model:Soft / edge folded
    Characteristic:Three individual strips



  • Product Details

Product Features:
--Easy on your back by wrapping irregular loads with our lightweight stretch film rolls. Pre-stretched during its production so it shrinks and clings better to the pallets or boxes.
--Stretch wrap is a smart, effective and cost-efficient packaging alternative to strapping, tape, twine, or wire, preferred by shipping professionals around the world.
--This plastic film wrap requires no dispensers or other tools to be used. It also requires no additional adhesives because it can stick to itself.
Product description
Our packing film is pre-stretch and added three individual strips , and the color of each strip can be diffenent. When your belongings are on the move, secure them together so they won’t get lost by using Zhiteng’s stretch films. This kind of Stretch Wrap is quite handy for bundling small or big items, corrugated shipping boxes together for both storage and shipments through its excellent self-adhering film. Our Stretch Wrap is perfect for storage or shipping and it sticks to itself without leaving any messy residue when it is time to unpack. Great for wrapping remote controls to TVs; securing cabinet doors and dresser drawers closed; keeping hardware attached to bed frames; protecting plush furniture from dust or stains; and shielding surfaces or furniture legs from scratches, scuffs and damage.
Raw Material 100 % raw material PE
Processing Type Cast
Width Range from 300mm-500mm
Thickness Range from 6mic to 12mic
Length 100m to 1500m
Color Clear/transparent
Core Size 2” 3”
Model Soft / edge folded
Characteristic Three individual strips

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